Elemental Español II




1.      Know all of the forms of the verbs “ser and estar” and their uses.


2.      Know the four ways of saying “the” in Spanish.


3.      Know the four “indefinite articles” in Spanish.


4.      Know how to conjugate all verbs in Spanish with 1st person; 2nd person, 3rd person singular and plural.


5.      Know how to form the “Present Progressive” in Spanish.


6.      Know how to form the “Preterit tense” and “Imperfect tense” in Spanish.


7.      Know how to form the “Regular Present tense” in Spanish.


8.      Know at least 30 basic “daily expressions”.


9.      Know how to form “stem-changing verbs”


10.  Know how to use “Hace” and “acabar


Please study resource links “VERB FORMS” and “VERB CONJUGATION” on class web site.