Spanish Club

(Club de Español)

 Texas College


Faculty Advisor: Sr. Eduardo Sanders


To increase an awareness of the social and cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking countries and communities.  To encourage social, recreational and educational activities among club participants.  To promote Higher Education to the Spanish Speaking population.  To provide a space for practicing the language for those non Spanish Speakers. The Spanish Club is designed to encourage students to pursue a greater appreciation for and interest in both the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.  Bi-weekly meetings and other programs throughout the year allow students the time to practice their Spanish-speaking skills in a fun and relaxed manner outside of the classroom.  These events will also give students the opportunity to experience the language and culture in a variety of different environments, as we will be interacting both here on campus and in other places, as we travel to surrounding areas and visit other events or locations relevant to the Club.

Executive Board                                                         Club President:           Erika Martinez                                   

Vice President:  

Secretary:                    Liliana Galaviz


Assist. Treasure


Constitution and By-Laws

Article I: Texas College Spanish Club or Club de Español

The official name of this organization shall be in English “Spanish Club” or in Spanish “Club de español”

Article II:  Purposes


·         To organize educational and cultural activities that will promote the studies of Hispanic language, literature, and culture

·         To organize activities that will foster student involvement in the Spanish department, and in campus life

·         To foster unity between Spanish and English speakers, and speakers of other languages

·         To organize activities that will create an environment of learning and sharing between cultures

·         To serve the Spanish Club members and its participants by offering activities appropriate to our academic environment





Article III:  Membership

Membership in this organization shall be open to any full-time or part-time student interested in the educational and cultural activities offered by the organization.  The student members must be in good standing with the college.  The Spanish Club is a student organization open also to faculty and staff at Texas College.

The organization shall not deny membership or otherwise discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, ethnic or national origin, or, gender, religious or political affiliation, sexual orientation, disability or martial status.

Active membership statue shall be retained by members who actively participate in the organization’s activities.  Active participation includes, but is not limited to attending meetings when appropriate, going to activities, voting on issues, and assisting executive board members in the organization of activities.

Article IV:  Officers

The officers of the Spanish Club shall be:                      Club President:                                   

            Vice President:  



Article V:  Standing Committees

There shall be one standing committee called the Organizing Committee composed of 4 to 5 members.

Article VI:  Duties of Officers and Organizing Committee

The Executive Board, composed of the President, Vice President, two Secretaries, and two Treasures shall work in unison and cooperation with the Organizing Committee to carry out the purposes of the organization.  This includes resenting the organization in functions on the departmental and college level.  The success of the organization depends on the interest, enthusiasm and work of its student members, in particular on the leadership efforts of the Executive Board and the Organizing Committee.

The duties of the President shall be to call and preside in meetings, to be the primary source of information between the organization and campus community, to distribute and delegate duties to the organizing committee, to complete the Student Group Recognition Form each year and inform the Director of Students Affairs of activities and changes. The officers will always obtain authorization from the club advisor regarding any activities relating to the club.

Duties of Officers and Organizing Committee continues

The duties of the Vice President shall be to represent the organization in the same manner as the president, and to take his/her place if he/she cannot attend a meeting of function.  The Vice President shall assist the President in every activity.

The duties of the Secretaries shall be to take minutes, and to keep all records and paperwork of the organization and its activities.  The Secretaries shall check and retrieve the correspondence of the organization from the

corresponding mailbox at the Student Center.  They shall distribute a copy of the minutes to the Faculty Advisor, and inform the active members in general meetings of decisions taken the Executive Board meetings.

The duties of the Treasurers shall to maintain all business records, transactions of funds, funds available, and expenditures.  The Treasurers shall inform other officers, members, and Faculty Advisor of the resources of the organization.

The duties of the Organizing Committee shall be to assist the Executive Board in the organization of activities.  Specific duties may include publicizing the activities, setting up and cleaning after activities.

The Executive Board and Organizing Committee members are all voting members.  The President shall vote on executive matters only when there is a tie.

Article VII:  Elections and Terms of Office

The elections of officers shall be conducted in the fall of every year, around the month of September or October, with the exception of the first executive board, which was formed in the fall semester 2008 for the first time.  The next election shall take place in fall of 2009.  Each office shall consist of a one year term.  Officers can run for more than one term in consecutive years.

An officer is elected by a majority of votes of the active members that actually cast a vote.  If there is only one candidate for an office, that candidate shall occupy that office unless there is strong opposition by the majority of voters.

Article VIII:  Removal of Officers

An officer shall be removed from office due to lack of cooperation, failure to attend meeting, failure to complete his/her duties as pertaining to his/her office, and to unbecoming conduct, such as non adherence to the codes and policies of Texas College.  The President may initiate removal from office in consultation with the other officers and the Faculty Advisor.  An officer may be asked to resign.  If the officer refuses to do so, removal may be effected by two-thirds of the votes of the Executive Committee, and the Organizing Committee.  The President can be asked to resign by the majority of votes and in consultation with the Faculty Advisor.

Any member of the Executive Board or the Organizing Committee may bring to the attention of the President reasonable causes for the removal of an officer.  No officer shall be removed from office by unilateral decision.

Removal of Officers continues

The Vice President shall take the President’s place if he/she resigns or is removed from office.  If unable, the general procedures for the replacement of members shall be followed.  Any vacancy shall be filled by a member of the Organizing Committee or the Executive Board through nominations.  If more than one member willing to serve is nominated, the candidate receiving the majority of votes from the Executive Board and the Organizing Committee shall be elected.  This candidate shall occupy the office until the next yearly election. If and Executive Board office is made vacant (such as a Secretary elected to replace the President), procedures shall be followed to replace the Secretary.  If no one is willing to replace another officer, a general election extended to active members shall be conducted.

Article IX:  Meeting

 Meeting shall be conducted every 3rd week of the month.  Additional meetings may be called by the president or any officer through the president, of by the Faculty Advisor.  The meeting shall be for the purposes of conducting any business pertaining to the Club, such as, but exclusive to, proposing and organizing activities, informing members of activities and resources of the club, electing new members and so forth.  Meeting can be open to all active members or to Executive Board members and Organizing Committee members only for preliminary plans to be later informed to all.

 Meeting can be cancelled by the president or by the vice-president on the president’s behalf.  It is the duty of the President and Vice-President to inform all whenever possible of the cancellation of a meeting.

Article X:  Advisor’s Role

The duties of the Faculty Advisor are the following:

·         To Serve as a mentor and facilitator;

·         To act as arbiter in difficult situation;

·         To advise students of the feasibility of activities and projects;

·         To meet responsibilities as outlined by the College Office of Student Life:

·         The Advisor should help ensure the Spanish Club maintains adequate records of business activities;

·         She/he should be familiar with the College policies regarding the use of facilities and room reservation;

·         He/she should be invited to all regular meetings and make every effort to attend. When unable to attend, the Advisor should be informed of all business conducted as well as receive a copy of the minutes

·         The Advisor should be available for consultation, to discuss problems, complaints, etc.

·         The Advisor may participate in all the club’s activities and social events. An Advisor must be present at College party. She/he must be present for the first two hours of and activity other than a meeting if she/he has signed a reservation form.  If he Advisor cannot attend, another faculty or staff member must attend as replacement

·         The Advisor should assist in keeping the Club informed of institutions issues and concerns as they relate to the club’s activities




Article XI:  Amendments

Any officer of the Executive board may propose a motion to amend the Constitution.  The motion must be seconded by another officer.  The amendment shall then be proposed.  The amendment shall pass with 2/3 approval votes of the Board and the Organizing Committee, and the majority approval votes of the actual votes cast by active members.

The active members shall be advised of the proposed amendment and given one week to cast their vote either at a general meeting or by e-mail or ballots placed in a ballot box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Spanish Club?                                                                                                                                                             The Spanish Club is a club run by students for the purpose of offering activities to promote the Hispanic culture

How do I join?  Just look for flyers around campus, and come to a general meeting or to an activity or to talk to one of our members.  You can also send an e-mail to

Do I have to study Spanish to be a member?                                                                                                                                  No. Anyone interested in participating can do so

Who can join?                                                                                                                                                                           Students, professors, staff members of Texas College can join.

Is there a fee?                                                                                                                                                                               At the moment there is no fee, but certain events may require a small contribution

Can I participate in activities if I’m not an active member?                                                                                                    Yes, just come and enjoy the culture

Whom do I contact for more information?  For more information, contact one of the officers through their mailbox at Texas College, one of the officers of the Spanish Club, or Faculty Advisor: Sr. Eduardo Sanders at