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On this page I'll include a list of links to other web sites that you will research and do most of your assignments.
I will give you the instructions regarding each assignment.


Resource 1-Las Vocales-Audio

Resource 2-Los Alfabetos-Audio

Resource 3-Definite and Indefinite Articles

Resource 4-Subject Pronouns-Powerpoint

Resource 5- Ser y Estar

Resource 6-Daily Expressions-Audio

Resource 7-Variety of phrases-Verb conjugation-Audio

Resource 8-Variety-Greeting-Audio practice

Resource 9-Basic phrases

Resource 10-Useful Spanish phrases

Resource 11-Barcelona phrases

Resource 12-Studyspanish.com

Resource 13-Link-AR-ER-IR verb conjugations-PPT

Resource 14-Link-Telling Time-Gustar-Nouns-Ser/Estar-Preterit-palabras interogativas-IR-ppt

Resource 15-Link-Irregular Preterit verbs

Resource 16 Link-Spanish Grammar-Excelente!!!-Mucha informacion

Resource Link-17-Ir + A + Infinitive

Resource Link -18 "Saber vs Conocer

Resource Link-19-YoGo Verbs

                                                  Verb Format
                                       Entender    e>ie (to understand)
              Singular                                               Plural

1.     Yo          entiendo                     1.   Nosotros         entendemos

        I             understand                       We                  understand
2.    Tu           entiendes                     2.   vosotros         entendeis
       You        understand                           you all         understand
       el                                                     ellos
3.   ella          entiende                        3.   ellas              entienden          
     usted                                                 ustedes
     He understands                                  They (males)    understand
     She understands                                 They (females) understand
     You understand                                   You all             understand          

Presentation model:
Good morning class, Today is ………., the_____of_______. Today is  a very important day at school. Today I’m going to talk about my family and myself. There are___in my family, my brother(s), sister(s) and my parents.  We live in __________.  It is a (large, small) city.  I am____ years old and my birthday is the ___of____.  I’m a student at Texas College and I’m studying Spanish,_______.________.________and_____. My teacher’s name is Mr. Sanders and he is a good teacher. I do all of my homework and I study every day. I don’t watch televison because I need to study and complete my assignments.  Finally, I want to make an A in this class. Thanks for listening.     Su amigo(a)
Remember this is only a model and you can change it in any form you desire.  I will be listening for basic phrases and verb conjugation in the present tense and maybe some verbs in the preterit (past tense).
You can send this audio project to me via-CD, Cassette or any other form of media.  I want to hear you speak Spanish.