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Espaņol con Sr. Eduardo Sanders    

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Bienvenido a la clase de Sr. Sanders

Please read all of the information below thoroughly before proceeding.

Spanish I emphasizes the use of Spanish for communication in basic everyday expressions. The course includes basic concepts and continues toward advanced grammar and usage. Emphasis is placed on the development of advanced proficiency in the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and the acquisition of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. Directed compositions, a study of Hispanic civilization, and an introduction to Hispanic literature are included. This course is intended for students who seek to gain knowledge of the Spanish language and the ability to communicate in Spanish.

This is a Hybrid course
Hybrid classes are a combination of online and classroom instruction. Students and teacher will work online via the Internet, but we will also meet part of the time --usually one day a week-- in the classroom.  This format gives students the best of both worlds--the Internet and the classroom--and at the same time, allows more flexibility.  Our experience has been that these classes will require you to be "in attendance" the same amount of time as your regular classes do . . . but that they give you (and your teacher) more flexibility in how that time is used.  

How should I prepare to succeed in a Hybrid courses?
To succeed in a Hybrid course:

  • You must attend the regularly scheduled class sessions on campus.
  • You must have the time (at least 6 to 8 hours a week) to learn Spanish skills.
  • You must be comfortable using computers and learning new software.
  • You must have time to access the web several times a week;
  • You must read assignments and directions carefully;
  • You must turn in assignments on time;
  • You must be organized and like to work independently;
  • Most importantly, you must be self-motivated in order to succeed in a Hybrid course.





Please get in touch with me regarding any questions or comments about this class.